Tuesday, 19 January 2010

initial ideas

As a Group we were initially unable to meet up and discuss ideas due to the heavy snow fall, so through emails we manged to narrow down our ideas and set a 13th century/ medieval theme, from there we managed to narrow one of the environment ideas down to a market square which can contain a variety of ideas and elements making everyone happy but also not being to broad at the same time.

Below you can see a couple of quick sketches before narrowing on the idea of a market square

Here this was a drawing too set a scene give myself a rough location

Here i was just experimenting with a couple of perspectives that could work with a castle environment

Here is a another perspective I found that this one gave a good impression of scale

This is another sketch i did to try and give the concepts a bit more of a setting to work from. i also tried to show some scale with the castle in the background but was unhappy sketch.

This was the last sketch i did before doing research and narrowing down the groups ideas

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