Saturday, 13 February 2010

Arch Research

Here you can see a selection of research images of arches. I have chosen these images because they contain a variation of different of pitched arches as will be using them in our project. looking at these images you can see that the pitched arches are generally used as support around a door or just a decorative wall arch.
I took this image from the book I brought, another reason I decided to use this image other then the fact its a pitch arch was that the engravings around the door where designed to help those who couldn't read. I thought this was relevant as our narative is based around king Arthur and he was going to find some engraved images.

Here you can see an image that explains how the theory behind and arch i thought i would add this as i found it interesting while doing some research. 

Here is a image of some decoative wall arches which one of my group members took. I thought this was a relevant image as one of our concepts spawned from this image i also had to model a set of arches in the same style as these. below you can see the arches in the process of being modelled.

Here you can see a pitched arch where is has been used to reinforce a doorway. from my research into arches i can see that there is no real difference between normal and pitched arches except for the ascetic reason.
As a group we decided to use the pitched arches for decorative reason for example on windows etc and the normal arches for the doors.

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