Friday, 5 March 2010


In the project I was tasked as the castle exterior creator, rather then having one main modeler, one animator etc, we ended up sharing the work load between the group. I believe this did not work because members were not having to rely on each other or have the pressure of someone needing their piece, this meant a lot of the work was left for the last week or 2. Personally I believe we should have had specific roles as it would have been more like a production team in the industry.

With this project I felt that it started well, everyone was enthusiastic, everyone was bouncing ideas of each other. We had a rough production plan which gave us roughly a week or 2 for everything and in theory it would all time nicely and slot together, although nothing was solid. I had modeled and texture my section of the project by the third week (not including the 3 weeks of bad weather) and felt that I ended up waiting for the majority of other group members to catch up.

In this project the ideas had changed so much it felt like we were going in circles, when someone would suggest an idea and the group would say "yeah I like that." This happened too regularly for another 2 weeks until we ended up with the same idea that we started with. As for bringing the idea to life we never even had finished concepts or storyboards from our chosen artist (who I felt sorry for because he never asked to do it he was nominated, I asked but I was ignored because our group was a democracy and they had voted) this was another reason I felt our project wasn't as good as it should have been.

Overall I feel that this project was a failure, its not a piece of footage I will be putting in my showreel. The final camera moves were rigid and dull, showed no creativity and didn't convey the story at all, not to mention being full of continuity errors. I also felt that the textures and models were inconsistent. Personally it felt like some of other members of the group weren't very passionate about what we were doing and I don't think I would work with them again.

What should have happened
First of all I shouldn't have been nervous about attempting to take control or make bold suggestion because I joined the group late. We definitely needed a director/leader just to give the group a more professional feel, definitive idea and more accurate schedule. The whole project should have been handled differently.

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