Friday, 5 March 2010

Working Process 5 - Last week

Unfortunately this was our last week in which we had to put all our files together, create our camera moves, animate, render, composite and edit. This was extremely tight but doable as we agreed to come in everyday of the week, also I like to think very competent when it comes to compositing and editing.

As members of the group didn't turn up everything was put back by a day. so the rest of us had started to looked up some tutorials online to create what we were missing as we were getting desperate and it need to be done. I also continued with my other project as there was little else to do.

Some members didn't turn up again and some were still working on they're models so we couldn't combine them. Although our replacement animation was looking good so I incorporated it with our files and we started doing some test renders

Although this renders were looking pretty cool when I got back home something had happen to the file and it had become corrupt and i lost the file with fire

Due to a fire near London Bridge I was unable to get into uni which set the group back another day and I felt like kicking my self.

For the first time in weeks the whole group was in Uni. The first thing we needed to do was combine the files and start making camera moves then all render out a couple of camera moves that night. In the end the the group decided to just make they're own camera moves individually and render out what they feel, personally i disagreed and belived it should have been done together as a group.

Friday - hand in day
With the editing of the second section I was told that change it so that someones section was included although i felt this did not work and my edit flowed better i could not change a group decision or risk starting a arguement. Below you can see the 2 edits just so it can be seen how i think it should look. once i gave the second half of the edit to my group as i had to get the train home and i trusted them to create the other half in time.

Changed edit

My Preferred edit

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