Friday, 5 March 2010

UV Mapping and Texturing

UV Mapping

For castle I had quite a bit of work to do because it was the most complex model had built so far. My usual method with simpler models is use automatic mapping and shift about items in the UV Editor but i could thell that wasn't going to work with this model.
For this I decided to ask our technical tutor Alex he told me the best way to create the UVs was to select the main wall Faces for one side and use the planar UV projection tool then move the UV out the way and repeat for the other side. I then did this for the remain faces in turn till I had a neat looking UV Layout
Next I had to create the UV Map for stairs which was relatively quick as I used a similar technique to the one which I used for the castle wall the only difference was that I used automatic mapping then planar mapped the sides of the stair
With the UV Mapping for the Island I didn't have to worry about anything as all the UVs and textures carried over from Mudbox


With textures I personally prefer to create my own as it gives it a slightly more personal look and also has a more artistic feel about it. also with our project we wanted to go with a simpler artist look so the textures weren't overly complex. My textures were fairly simple I used a brick texture Photoshop brush that I have. otherwise the rest of the textures were grey with a dirt brush applied to give a slight hint of detail. I have to admit at this point I would of liked to done more texturing and modeling as we were only 3 weeks into the porject and still had about 3 or 4 weeks left. But seeing as only Lydia and I had turned up to most lesson and actually started modeling on this project when I offered to help people seemed reluctant to admit what little they had done.

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