Friday, 5 March 2010

Working Process 3 - 3 Weeks Left

At this point we had about 3 weeks left and should have been compiling all the work so we can animate the cameras and get ready to render. but only Lydia and I had turned up to all lesson, Andi hadn't modeled anything, Hayley had done a fair bit of animation but but just never seemed to turn up although i do know that the second to last week she had a placement at the Mill which wasn't her fault. We were also waiting for character concepts, Final Environment Concepts and a storyboards from Matt as he had been nominated as the Artist/2D Animate and didn't have to touch Maya. I'm not saying that I was perfect in this project but I cant think off any major mistake I made ,I mean I'm perfectly open to criticism in fact I love it because I can improve myself. Personally I was feeling like I would only ever work with Lydia from this group again.

At this point I started playing with the lights while I waited for the others to prepare/make their models for combining. I spent a good a day or 2 just experimenting with different lights for the castle exterior. The lights are based on highlights from the moon which is why they don't light up the whole castle.

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